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Monthly Events

FCTH members can view events on our homeschool's private Facebook page.

Organizing the Calendar


Members receive a monthly newsletter listing announcements and a calendar of events. 


The newsletter is delivered through email.

Members Only Account

Events are posted monthly on

FCTH's private Facebook account. 

FCTH also has a public Facebook

account that provides homeschool



It is our goal to create an atmosphere

that encourages all of our FCTH families

and to provide a sense of community

and support.

Field Trip

Holding a Parrot

FCTH members are asked to review and sign a field trip release each year.

Teen Students

Co-op Classes

FCTH offers co-op classes for preschool through12th grade.  Families must be members of FCTH to participate in co-op. Co-op classes are an additional cost.  FCTH teachers and helpers are volunteers, no one is paid.

Art Class

Major Events

FCTH families enjoy annual major

events that strives to provide a sense

of community and support.

Florida State Parks & Educational Day Trips

We live in a beautiful state, from St. Andrews State Park to Blue Spring for manatee sightings, Florida State Parks offer days' worth of fun for families. Plan your homeschool adventures to Florida's 175 award-winning state parks, trails and historic sites.


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