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We are a Christian Homeschool group helping to provide support, education, and fellowship to Christian homeschool families in the Bay County, Florida area, since 1998.

Meeting with other home educators offers encouragement as well as knowledge and assistance with your homeschool questions. Often, organized classes or activities are offered through support groups as well.

Membership to Fellowship of Christian Teaching Homes is $10 per year per family.

Mother and Daughter Love

How to Apply for Membership

Our membership costs $10 and includes access to Fellowship of Christian Teaching Homes private Facebook site. Please click the link below and fill in all the information. 

Events are added monthly and may be viewed on FCTH's private Facebook account.

Homeschooling Cooperative

Co-op Classes

Our co-op is a group of families who meet together and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. FTCH's co-ops is organized around academics, social time, activities, service work, or projects—or some combination of these.  Our teacher and helpers are current members of FTCH's. We do not pay our teachers - EVERYONE is a volunteer.

We provide a co-op on Fridays (spring & fall) for preschool-

12th grade. We teach only Biblical principles and values, according to the FCTH Statement of Faith.  Our co-op classes change every semester.  There is an additional charge for


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